Monday, September 01, 2008


Do you ever get "stuck"?

There are things you can do...or that need to be done...but you either just don't feel like doing them at that particular moment or you're too overwhelmed by where to start first.

I'm kind of having one of those days today.

Actually - it's been like this all week.

I have a mental list of everything I would like to get done and when I think about it too much, then I start to get a bit anxious about it.

Yesterday was a good day. Busy...I like to keep busy. I don't know what to do with down time...I always feel like I should be accomplishing something.

I cooked pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then we took the dogs for a walk, after that I cut the grass, trimmed the bushes in the back yard, picked all the tomatoes, trimmed the forsythia bushes in the front and then started cleaning out my side garden that I've neglected for way too long.

My back ached and I got a little sunburn, but I felt good.

M and I had some leftovers for dinner and then settled down to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am not a big TV fan...I hardly ever watch it, but she bought the series on DVD and now she's gotten me hooked on the damn thing. It's really well written and it's funny and pokes fun of itself a lot. I like that!

It's interesting to see that they can have a show about vampires, and demons, hetero sex and witches casting spells, but to show a lesbian kiss they had to switch networks. I'm not sure of the logic on that one.

Today...I need to finish the garden clean up...then I have piles of "stuff" all over my desk that I've been meaning to organize.

But I'm like...stuck.

I want to do all of it...but I don't know where to start.

Then there are these staring things I keep finding myself doing.

We were eating dinner last night and I froze...mid-chew.

M was waving her hand in front of me and saying: "Yoooohoooo! Where did you go?"

Off into the planet Shazmataz I guess?!?!



Got - to - keep - moving!!!

But first I got to start moving.

My first task...make a list. I'm a Libra on the cusp of Virgo...we love lists, but we can never make up our mind what should go first.

Alrighty then...first thing I'm going to do is shred a bunch of paper (receipts, statements, and the odd rantings of a lunatic mind) Hopefully the shredding sound will awaken the part of me that will kick my own ass into action.

Wish me luck!


Presbyfruit said...

Nothing wrong with Planet Shazmataz!

Shazza said...

Presby - Hi There!'s a cool planet. Visitors are always welcome!

dive said...

Shredding is a good and healthy form of exercise. At least that's what I tell myself.
They really had to switch networks to show a lesbian kiss on TV?
That's stupid and a little worrying.
You should get the Brit Buffy box (all seven series) … First up, because it's cool, but more importantly because they made three separate versions of Buffy: the proper version, a version for kids to go out before nine at night and then the icky, watered-down American version that was even lamer than our kids' version.
American censorship is pathetic. What the hell are they frightened of?

neetzy said...

If I think about anything too long I can't function. I used the day off to cook all day. I became one with my tomatoes. I only used about half of the them. I went to a wonderful outdoor art/craft show with my sculptor friend Leslie yesterday. I painted last evening. Saturday, Doug and I went searching for a rollaway bed for semi-conductor. No luck. I never watched any Buffy. Dive, Right Wing Americans censor every damn thing. That's why my kids love anime. Unfortunately they have to watch it online b/c all the TV stations censor everything. My kids like the YAOI stuff - it's all boy on boy gay. Daughter A wants to help open a chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance at her school. She has many gay friends. She is running into all kids of opposition. I can really ramble on...Good Zeppelin song. See, this is why I don't allow self to think. I just go, go. go.

neetzy said...
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the only daughter said...

Do you ever get "stuck"?


Victor said...

Shazza und Dive,
Ya das is ze problem wit ze americans. Zey allow ze voilins but ze sex iz a dirty tzing!

I'd be willing to go without slasher violence for a more open sexual attitude. It's pretty sad here. At least I get BBC America. They're a bit less censored.

Shredding is actually a good time to stare into space...great white noise!

mcCutcheon said...

welcoming shazza to the buffyverse. Next you should try angel (though the later seasons suck), but to be welcomed to the Whedonverse you have to watch firefly and dr. horrible's sing-along-blog as well ;)

Tom said...

The first thing I do to get unstuck is to talk - like - Shatner. IE What - must - I - do next? I see you're on your way to figuring - this - out. Witness in your own blog "Got - to - keep - moving!!!?"

Shazza said...

Dive - I'll have to check out the Brit Buffy version sometime. I have to admit, I don't watch TV too much anymore. M and the daughter watch it more than I do and I usually only put it on when I'm sick or extremely bored.

I don't know what the censors are afraid of really. You never know when a nipple will pop out at the wrong time! Ohhhh...horrors!

Neetzy - Wow! You had a productive weekend didn't you? I did eventually, it just took a while to get my motor running.

OD - I think we all do at one time or another.

Vic - there is something strangely satisfying about shredding paper. It is both destructive and constructive at the same time!

McC - Thank you my dear! Actually I have tuned into Dr. Horrible thanks to your recommendation on your blog! Hilarious stuff!

Shazza said...

Tom - I think - I understand. This - talking thing. It can be - very helpful. Thank you.

dive said...

Hey, guys. you're all welcome to come over and watch the complete Brit Buffy on my sofa.
Bags of uncensored manga and movies down at my local comic shop, Neetzy, including yaoi fun, so come on over. Hoorah for Daughter A, by the way.

Scout said...

I know exactly how you feel. There is so much to do, you can't do anything, and just sitting and staring at space seems better than any activity. It will pass.

Agnes Mildew said...

Having way too much to do is the story of my life, too. Making lists is of no use to me because I put them down somewhere (usually in the bin, together with a £10 note). I find I go to the shops about five times each day as I always forget at least one ingredient. I reckon our local grocer thinks I have the hots for him...Today I have stack loads of baking to do. And do you know? I think I may just go back to bed instead. At least I can't forget anything there...