Friday, September 26, 2008

Musical Musings

My apologies to you all.

I had in my mind to have a "guest poster" today. The Marvelous Miss "M". She reads my blog quite often and has suggested a song or two to post on occasion.

We discussed it.

I know she picked out a song.

I asked her about it last night so I could write it all up today.

And we BOTH forgot which song it was.

Ain't gettin' old fun?

Then - things got busy at work and I spaced out there for a little while and ...

Excuses, excuses, excuses!


SO....I found myself scrambling around for something to post.

Finding no inspiration on the 3500 songs I have on my iPod, I went to my vinyl collection to see what kind of obscure piece o' musical brilliance I could WOW you all with.

You all have seen my know my taste in music is crap...but it's FUN crap!

I found a few albums that I think don't belong to me. Or at least not originally anyway. I may "borrowed" them from someone else and then have forgotten to return them later. My memory has always been a bit flaky.

Conveniently so.

A few things I learned about my vinyl collection that I never realized before:

  • I have 1 too many Barbra Streisand Albums (I have 2)

  • I have a few weird soundtrack albums: A Clockwork Orange. Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, A Chorus Line and Little Miss Sunshine (how's that for diverse)

  • I hope that if someone found these records someday, they don't think I'm complete dork. (that will be hard)

  • I think I have 1 too many Anne Murray albums too. (I have 4)

    • There are some interesting highlights though:

      • I forgot I had Stevie Nicks Bella Donna album.

      • The Debbie Harry KooKoo album cover still freaks me out.

      • I think I own the only album Quarterflash ever made.

      • When the hell did I buy Paul Simon's Graceland album and why?

      Hmmmm...oh well.

      One little gem shined out through all the rest though. I had completely forgotten I had this and I just grinned from ear to ear as soon as I saw the cover.

      Gilda Radner Live from New York!

      This album never fails to cheer me up when I'm feelin' down. I LOVE Gilda! She was such a cutie and so talented too. She is surely missed.

      I looked at the back cover and there are all over her characters that she created over the years:

      Candy Slice

      Emily Litella (Nevermind!)

      Lisa Loopner

      Rhonda Weiss and the Rhondettes

      and of course - Rosanne Roassnadanna!

      I don't have a turntable anymore unfortunately so I can't play this at the moment, but I found a few segments on YouTube and I have the VHS of this show that I still watch occasionally.

      Gilda was another one of those comic geniuses whose life was cut way too short.

      So for this weeks Musical Musings I leave you with the opening song from that performance and hope it brings a little smile to your day! <- Click here to view it, YouTube has disabled the embedding feature for this video! Have a great weekend all!


      (sorry about the formatting for this post...I fought with Blogger and Blogger won...the bugger)


      Poetikat said...

      Hey, Shaz,

      I've been rather tied up with dealings with my dad's situation, but I thought I'd pop round and see what you're up to. (I am "following" you with the Blogger thingy).

      Quarterflash, huh? Was that, "Harden my Heart"? I never bought their album, but I did like that song.

      Gilda was GREAT! I loved Lisa Loopner and Todd - it really cracked me up that Mr. Loopner was in a basket by the door because he had no spine!!! Noogies - ah, memories.

      My husband was a big fan of Gene Wilder's too - so sad, they are both gone. I hope they are together somewhere, making souls laugh.


      Poetikat said...

      I forgot. My Gen-X blog is featuring K-C and the Sunshine Band today...pop in for some disco, baby!


      dive said...

      Well hot damn, Shazza.
      I had to stop reading halfway through this, dig through my vinyl and unearth Stevie Nicks' Bella Donna album.
      She's now revolving sexily on my turntable and singing about a white winged dove (Ooh, baby, Ooh, say Ooh).

      And Gilda Radner! Woohoo! A true comic genius. That song just cracked me up!
      Thanks for making my day (as you so often do).

      And hey, Poetikat! I do hope Gene is still around. I met him last year and he seemed pretty perky.

      Poetikat said...

      Shoot! Dive, when you reach a certain age you start asking the questions: "Is so-and-so still alive?"
      Both my husband and I were under the impression that he was gone. We must be mixing him up with someone else.
      Also, I think he was battling cancer, wasn't he?
      According to the Imdb, he's alive and well.

      Sorry everyone! My apologies, Gene.


      Shazza said...

      Kat - a blog stalker! Oh my! LOL

      I think Gene Wilder is still alive.

      Dive - Revolving sexually on your turntable...that sounds like Stevie.

      neetzy said...

      Hey Shaz,

      I liked quarterflash. Stevie Nicks was hot, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation. I still think she's hot.

      dive said...

      Yeah, Gene was pretty slow and frail and his hair is bright white, but he still had that magical sparkle in his eye and he was a real gentleman, polite and patient and happy to talk to me.
      I'm glad he's still around.

      Identity Mixed said...

      I had to see a different doctor on Friday night because mine was at the Loverboy concert. Loverboy concert?

      The Village Carpenter said...

      I also own the Quarterflash album. It has a song on it about an art school female who has a crush on the lead singer. It's pretty subtle, but I still listened to it over and over....

      Shazza said...

      Identity - Loverboy?

      VC - I know that song! Valerie!
      "Oh Valerie, oh I never thought it would go this far."

      Wow...that was a flashback. I remember singing that one too. If I had admited to myself back then what I know now....oh...nevermind.