Friday, September 19, 2008

Howdy Strangers

I've been a bit quiet on the blog scene lately. I just realized it's been over a week since I posted. Yikes!

Thanks to everyone and their hotel/motel horror stories - I will never complain about a urine smelling room again!

I've had kind of a busy week. Last week I had a librarians workshop that I attended which was excellent. Have I mentioned lately that I love librarians? They really are cool people. If anyone is looking for a job, go to librarian school. Within the next 5 years between 50 - 60% of the librarians will be retiring leaving a very large void in the middle management area of this profession. If you have technical skills...all the better since many journals and books are going electronic.

After the workshop I visited the lovely ladies from over at The Village Carpenter and Presbyfruit. I porked out on ribs and enjoyed lots of laughs with them. Thank you ladies...I had a great time as always. I even got to see Kari's workshop! That was a treat.

Next stop was a visit over to my sister Neetzy over at Negativespace for the evening. For two sisters who didn't get along so well growing up we've made up for lost time. She is definitely one of the people I admire most in this world - Love ya Sis!

The real treat for the weekend was getting to watch my niece D play in a junior symphony! Neetzy had let me know that D had auditioned for this and was accepted and that their first practice would be the day of my visit. She wanted to know if I would mind tagging along. Heck no! I love music and I thought it would be kind of neat to watch. I was really impressed I have to tell you. The first few notes were a little painful, but they've never played together before and to watch the conductor pull them together was really quite fascinating. These kids ranging from 2nd to 8th grade had a lot of talent.

It was very cool and I look forward to seeing their first concert!

I know I am proud of my own two kids, but I have to say that both of my nieces have some real talent both academically and artistically. They are both awesome!

Sunday was just disgusting here in NJ and pretty much the entire east coast. It was hot and humid...and humid and hot. No wind, just sticky and yucky and blech. M and I took the dogs for a walk early and thought we were going to melt into a pool of moistness. Then I punished myself even more and cut the grass.

On the positive, I probably lost 10 lbs in sweat alone.

After the sweat fest M and I settled down for a Buffy marathon.

OK...confession time.

I'm addicted to Buffy.

How lame is it that a 45 year old woman is addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

For someone who rarely ever watches TV I have been sitting my plump butt down each night for my fix. Willow is my favorite character (she is so darned cute) and we're at the turning point with her when she goes dark. Ohhhhhh.

It's been kind of quality time for M and I as well and we're having a lot of fun with it. We tend to get so busy with everything else going on that we don't really spend time with each other.

You can say all you want about TV and how it's made us lazy as a society, but it's down time and family time and together time for a lot of people so can't be too critical of it. I personally don't watch it because I just haven't found too many programs that keep my attention for that long. Also I get home at 7:30 and go to bed by 9:00 so it really doesn't leave a lot of time to get invested in TV.

Anyhoo - work has picked up this week so that has been keeping me on my toes. It's renewal season in the academic library world so I've been trying to take care of my customers and get some new ones. I get a little excel spreadsheet weary this time of year.

So forgive me all for not posting. I'll snap out of it once we've finished watching Buffy and if I can think of something creative to write about, but for now you will probably only see me sporadically.

One last thing though - I am dedicating this post to Kari who turned me on to this little video.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

(Is it me or does this kind of sound like this song?

Dive if you read this, you know I love your guitar playing dude, but I think the guy on this video has you beat. I got the shivers just watching him play!

Have a fantabulous weekend all! It's supposed to be cool and clear and beautiful here in the Northeast and I'm dragging M's great little ass out for a bike ride. She's doesn't know it yet, but she will after she reads this post!

Peace all!


The Village Carpenter said...

My favorite line from the vid:
He is like a mounty; he always gets his man. And he'll zap you any way he can. ZAP!

Great to see you on Friday. Thanks for fitting us in on your travels!

dive said...

Oh, hee hee hee hee hee, Shazza!
Boy, howdy! I just got home from the office and this was the first thing I looked at.
I laughed so hard I honestly couldn't sit in my chair but had to slowly collapse into a hysterical heap on the floor.

Oh, crap. This is several minutes later and I've just watched it through again. I am wiping away the tears and my face aches from laughing too much.

This would have been good enough on its own, but Buffy, Willow and Librarians, too?
Did you write this post specifically to make me happy?

You totally rule.
Have a great weekend!

the only daughter said...

I just know that tune is going to be looping for awhile.

What a hoot.

Shazza said...

VC - I have played this thing at least 10 times already...cracks me up each time - Thank you again!

Dive - I had the same reaction. I nearly fell off my chair and was gasping for air I was laughing so hard! Glad I could spread the joy to one of my favorite people. M and I want to visit you some day - she thinks you're pretty cool too!

OD - it's catchy isn't it? You can't help but want to sing a long!

Vic Hubbard said...

That is a very "catchy" song:D I bet it's close enough to "Come Dancing" to get in trouble if anyone a cared..I kinda doubt that. I'm glad you're getting some quality time w/ M. I'm jealous you got to actually hang with the great Village Carpenter and her venerable, sword wielding sidekick Presbyfruit!
You absolutely ROCK lady Shazz!!

Lulubelle B said...


Am I the only one who felt the bit about Jesus touching him deep down inside, Mounties and getting you any way you can might have a little, um, subtext?

Also reminded me of the music teacher character Will Ferrell used to do on SNL.

Too, too funny!!

Shazza said...

Vic - It is catchy. I've been singing it for the past 2 days! VC and the sword wielding Presby are great...I hope you get to meet them some day!

LuLu - You know, now that you mention about the subtext, it kinda does! Oh...that's just wrong.

neetzy said...


For some reason, I couldn't get the video to work, when I clicked on the link I got the Kinks' actual "Come Dancing" video, but judging from everyone's comments I don't think that was it.
Anyway, thanks for the compliments. I do feel much closer to you than when we were growing up.
Thanks for mentioning daughter D and A. They are amazing. The rehearsal was even better today!