Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm having one of those days.

Not a bad day...more of an A.D.D. day.

I can't focus on any one thing.

I've started like 5 different projects...and have stopped shortly after starting them and found myself staring.

Not at anything in particular...just staring.

I have little wind up toys on my desk that I've been playing with.

The little green guy dances, there is Pokey - he doesn't wind up...he just kind of sits there, the mouse does flips, the scorpion just walks and wags his little stinger, Gumby - he just sits there too, a little red race car in the back there that is very zippy, the little blue crab is fun...he walks sideways and really fast, and then there is Godzilla who shoots sparks out of his mouth.

This thing is very addictive if need something to keep your hands busy...

It's called a Tangle.

If you are one of those people that like to click pens or bend paper clips into little piece of art...this is a must!!! I'm buying one for everyone on my Christmas list!

Some doodle samples - it's what I do when I'm talking on the phone. (garbanzo salad on the right)

Hmmmm...I think I need to change my calendar!

This is a picture of part of my office.

Got my Hillary Nutcracker, pics of the family, a little jade plant that was just 3 inches high when I bought it. I'm so proud of it!

Here's a picture of the Gummi Tape Worm I bought at the Mutter Museum!

The reactions to this have been mixed as you well would imagine!

I thought it was funny...and it was the last one! I bet kids just love 'em!

As you can tell I am very easily amused, I don't take myself very seriously and I don't have clients in my office...ever!!!

Although most librarians would probably like my collection of "stuff".

Ohhhh...will you look at that?!? Almost time to go home!

G'night all!


Tom said...

Been feeling the same ADD thing myself. Faahhh. Got to get some work done. And tape worm - Where's the cookie? I don't know if you remember that joke - you should, you cursed me by burning it into my memory. AAAAHHHHHHH!

dive said...

I love your wind-up friends, Shazza, but what on earth is that scary, pink thing in a protective wrapper, sitting on top of your DVD drive?
The Hillary nutcracker is hilarious! And the yummy, apple flavoured tapeworm? Hee hee.
Thank you for the guided tour. That's an office I would feel comfortable in.

Shazza said...

Tom - I had completely forgotten about that joke until I read that! HA!

Dive - I was wondering if anyone would notice that. That is a marshallow brain! I've been tempted to eat it a few time...just for the sugar rush!

dive said...

Hee hee hee. I have GOT to get me one of those!

the only daughter said...

Thanks for the tour. Love the toys.

Maria said...

I have seen a real tape worm and that looks alarmingly authentic.....

Poetikat said...

If you've noticed, I've been absent from the blogging world. I have been totally burnt out and haven't been inspired to post or even comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one staring into space at nothing.

I love that "Tangle" - I get addicted to that sort of thing. OMG - don't EVER give me bubble wrap - or I'm lost for hours. When I'm a senior in a nursing home, I'm going to have a suitcase of the stuff so they can just hand it to me and keep me busy.


Vic Hubbard said...

My current office is in a vault, over 6 inches of cement in the ceiling, walls and floor. I have a "superball" that light up when I throw it at the walls. It's great fun and, so far, I haven't hit my monitor:D

finn said...

gf said she's gonna buy me one of those Tangle things, so my busy fingers got something to do...thanks for the idea!!

Shazza said...

OD - thanks for dropping by! Can I get you a cup of coffe? Tea?

Maria - Ummmm..I don't know if I want to know where you've seen a real tape worm? I hope it was in a jar of formaldehyde.

Kat - Hang in there...I think it's August blahs. I've been reading a lot of folks in similar situations.
Hurry back though!

Vic - You're a cool guy!

Finn - it's so very simple and so very addicting...have fun!