Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From the really freaky files

RIP Angel Pantojo Medina of Puerto Rico.

He was only 24 years old...but he had a wish.

A wish to be "standing up" at his wake.

And...it was granted thanks to a special embalming process.

Check this y'all -

There is Angel "Angelito" hangin' wid' da homies over there in the corna.

Posing with Mom (Check out Mom's t-shirt)

"Damn...I make "dead" look good!"

(Do you think this is a new ad campaign for Dolce and Gabbana?)

Angelito was found underneath a bridge.

His death is listed as "untimely".


This is probably disrespectful of the dead but does anyone else out there want to start singing:

"I'm still standin'...yeah..yeah...yeah!!!"

This freaks me out more than the roadside memorials.


The Village Carpenter said...

Dude, where did you find this story? Nevermind....I don't want to know!

Vic Hubbard said...

You are such a wonderfully sick puppy! Two weeks in a row you present stiffs that don't wanna lay down:D
How 'bout some music to get Sir Richard Harris outta my head!!!!

the only daughter said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

dive said...

Hee hee hee!
Where can I get me one of those, Shazza? That's so much better than my cardboard "Homer in his underpants" standee in the bathroom.

Shazza said...

VC - Oh...I have my sources!

Vic - some good music is coming up soon...hang in there!

OD - yup...that pretty much sums it up.

Dive - I think it would make a lovely toilet paper holder in your bathroom!

Poetikat said...

He's just chillin' (I hope).


You slay me, Shaz!


Poetikat said...

Vic, when you were talking about earlier stiffs, did you mean Richard Harris, or the guy who got his weenie stuck in the bench?


neetzy said...

Makes me wonder...He looks like a guy that would want his "Johnson" or rather "Juan-son" standing up for the occasion too. A true party dude. The devil is in the details. wink-wink.

Vic Hubbard said...

I guess it'd be three stiffs, counting Harris. LOL!

Sharkbuttocks said...

Think someone mistakenly poured him a stiff one?