Sunday, July 13, 2008

Accidental Shazza

There is a storage tub in my basement that has a gazillion photos.

Most of are my kids when they were wee ones that I hope to organize and put into scrap books for them for when they get older.

Others are photos I took with my Kodak Instamatic pocket 110 camera that I just thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread!

I took a LOT of pictures back then. Some of there were good...most were of them were of friends doing goofy things. Trying to record on film, those happy childhood memories!

Birthday parties, family vacations, pictures of every freakin' animal at the Philadelphia Zoo! (I thought it would be interesting at the time!)

Lots and lots of pictures!

So...since this is MY blog and I have nothing other to blog about at the moment...I thought I would share some random photos of "Shazza throughout the Years".

I may put them in some kind of order...I haven't figured that part out yet. Right now I'm having too much fun laughing at the many different "versions" of me!

There are some interesting hair style choices, many unfortunate fashion flubs and a few photos where I just scratched my head and question the original reason for taking the pictures in the first place, but all in all it's a trippy trip down memory lane that has been lot of fun!

As Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music - Let's start at the very beginning and here is lil' Shazza....only a few days old waving to this new world around me!

(I know my Mom must have put that little curl on my head!)


the only daughter said...

How so very cute.

Part of my weekend involved looking at old photos too.

wrekehavoc said...


i spent a zillion hours just trying to take all my photos and put them somewhere last week so that the painters could paint. argh - i know the time is coming when i will have to do SOMETHING with them.

wish i had the scrapbooking gene.

dive said...

What a cutie!
Do you still have the curl?

neetzy said...

I was insanely jealous of you because you were so cute! You were the blonde you know!