Friday, June 06, 2008

Hello from Phoenix

This is what I know about Phoenix so far - it's fucking hot here.'s a dry heat...but it's still HOT! Stand out in that sun for more than 5 minutes and it literally sucks the energy out of you. AND, from what I understand it's cooled off these past few days. Today it's supposed to be 98 and tomorrow 101. The humidity is only 29%, so at least it doesn't feel muggy.

I looked at the weather forecast for home back in good ol' Jersey and they have a heat advisory for temps in the 90's and the humidity is 78%.

fuckity, fuck, fuck.

The natural landscape in this part of Arizona is made up of lots of rocks and cacti. It's kind of barren and ugly. The mountain's are cool...if you like barren, rocky mountains. It is a desert after all.

The resort we are staying at is very lovely. They did a great job picking this place. They have about 6 pools and a golf course and a hiking trail. All of the rooms are like mini-suites with a little living room and a bedroom and a nice patio to sit on.

If you ever come to Arizona, I highly recommend this place and the prices were very reasonable.
But it's's hot.

I met up with an ol' high school friend who has been living here for the past 3 years. She said you get used to it and there is air conditioning.

Sorry - give me lush, green, trees, damp, cold, clammy climates any ol' time.

I'm whining...I know - but I don't like the case you haven't noticed.

With that in mind - here's today's fabulous Friday Fahrenheit minded frolic to keep you HOT and Happy over the weekend!


LG said...

Welcome to the west! I know it gets hot out here, but don't underestimate that dry heat! My AC didn't even really work in places like Baltimore and Memphis because it was so humid!

I love the trees and everything too, which is why I love it in SLC - it's desert-ish, but then I just drive up into the mountains to cool off! Have a great trip!

The Village Carpenter said...

I hear ya, sistah. I have been in the southwest a number of times....ugh, waaaaaay too hot for me, too.

I hear it gets to 122ยบ in the summer. yikes!

mcCutcheon said...

I completely concur, the sun is an evil sucker. people seem to love it yet I prefer rain and moderate temperatures. it's just a pity that summer is part of each and every year ;) AND it's getting longer!