Monday, May 12, 2008

Random thought of the day

Have you ever been over zealous with your dental floss?



The Village Carpenter said...

No, but my dentist's assistant has. She's like the demon dental assistant of Fleet Street.

Shazza said...

HA! Oh yeah...I've had that experience too. They like to make you bleed!

dive said...

Ooooh … That made me flinch.

Poetikat said...

I just got back from having my teeth cleaned this morning - the way the hygienist snapped that floss I thought she was going to go right through my bottom jaw and remove the front portion altogether - mind you, she moved so fast - that before I knew it, every tooth was done. I take ages to floss - mainly because the floss gets stuck and then it shreds and then I have to see-saw it out of my mouth (or leave it there until I can get a toothpick or chew some gum or something. Thank goodness for Jeopardy to keep me interested while I do it, otherwise it would never get done.

Anyone ever have trouble holding on to a battery-operated tootbrush? Or is that just me?