Friday, May 09, 2008

Funnnnky Friday

It's kind of blechky here in the Northeast today so I needed something to perk me up a bit!

I've had this song stuck in my head for a while now. It had something to do with one of Dive's post from a while ago - particularly the image he had posted - some young thing in a knitted mini dress with white go-go boots on.

The first thing I did was start humming "These Boots are Made for Walking". So...naturally I decided to go on to YouTube and watch the video:

When you first watch the video you may think it's a bit corny...but if you consider when it was made - it was pretty racy, brimming with sexuality.

What I like about it though is that the sex is subtle - in the very beginning of the video you see a black hosed boot clad leg sauntering up the steps with red flags in the background.

WARNING! Sexy stuff ahead they seem to say!

Nancy slowly does a grind of the hips, then a bit of a shimmy with the shoulders and then stands up caressing her shiny black leather boots! It's more of a controlled seduction.

The come the backup dancers! I love the backup dancers! They come prancing out doing the pony and then move into the jerk. The girl in the pink right off the left of Nancy and the girl in the bright green in the way back and to the right are my favorites to watch...they really get into it.

It's corny, it's fun, it's sexy in a very retro way and the singer is in control...she is seductive but holding back just enough to keep the video provacative enough to lure you in.

Now let's compare that to the more recent version by Jessia Simpson shall we?

A speeding car comes to a halt, and a skantily clad woman struts out in her red cowbowy boots. When they change the scene to go inside the bar, it looks like she's licking a pool cue. Then she does a lap dance for the sheriff...shakin' her bootay and gettin' all freaky on him. There's a bit of the coyote ugly bar top dancing and then she punches some guy out because he slaps her on the ass. A bar fight and mayhem happens then the breakout dance and somewhere they fit a Cool Hand Luke Car washing scene! I'm not sure how that all fits into the bar scene, but hey...whatever!

There is nothing subtle about the sex - it is right out there in the open.

Nancy looks quite puritan next to Jessica!

I'm a bit of a purist and Nancy's version will always be my favorite, but I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks.

Which one is sexier?





The Village Carpenter said...

Ummmm, neither one?

For me to find them sexy, they'd have to be fully-clothed, put their hair back in a ponytail, and don some spectacles.

Am I a nerd-lover, or what???

Shazza said...

Whatever floats your boat my friend! You should come to one of the library conferences's filled with folks just like that!

dive said...

Nancy, no messing. Though I'm with the Village Carpenter; the sexy librarian look gets me every time.
Sigh …

sam said...

so i came looking for you. you had left a comment in my blog quite some time ago and i want to thank you for taking the time. i've read a bit of your stuff and i'll be back. again, thank you, sam255

Poetikat said...

Nancy is sexier! Subtlety all the way baby! Jessica's is more of a Showgirls meets Ellie-May from the Beverley Hillbillys. Of course this was probably around the Daisy Duke time was it?

No. Hands down - Nancy is sexier. Jessica's is just slutty.