Friday, April 18, 2008

Worst Video of the Week

TGIF Bloggers!

I haven't quite come up with a new theme to replace the Drippin' with Cheeze series, but a fellow blog pal - Poetikat turned me on to this little gem!

What do you get when you mix: The Brady Bunch, ABBA, Grease and the Saturday Night Fever all in one?

One horrifically bad video!

As soon as "the dancers" come across the screen you immediately cringe. They start off with a number that looks a bit like a 1970's gym class! Then the sea of derange dancers part and you see the father for all of the children of the Village of the Damned.

What a manly man he is in his tight bell bottoms, white puffy shirt and gold chains! Yeeeowwzzzzaaaa!

He is joined later by a woman that I am guessing they were trying to dress up as Sandra Dee.

You can't keep your eyes off the dancers's just mesmerizing.

At about 1:38 on the video...the guy in the front makes a move that would have made John Travolta swoon!

And the song...well...Kat warned me...because once it's in your sticks there and no matter how many times you listen to anything mysteriously start humming it all over again.

It's a plague on humanity!

Pay attention to the very end....what are the dancers eating?


the only daughter said...

Gosh, I watched and then tuned out right at the end. I can't watch again so..I don't know what they were eating. I don't want to know what they were eating.

Wow that was soooo bad.

dive said...

Holy Moly!
The Travolta, crotch-hugging move had me choking on my breakfast, Shazza.
And they appear for some unfathomable reason to be eating packets of biscuits.
I'm going to be singing this one all day. Having been brought up on crap Europop like this it is almost pleasurable to watch, in a cringe-inducing sort of way.

Shazza said...

OD - I don't blame is plainful to watch!

Dive - which do you think is worse...this video or the Bilbo Baggins video?

dive said...

It's a close run thing. I think Nimoy pips it, though with a potential career-murdering folly.
You could see stuff like this one on prime time Brit TV all through the seventies and eighties (and I'd imagine you still can in Germany, where they love this stuff).

Identity Mixed said...

Wow. What a way to end my day.

wrekehavoc said...

ohmigawd. bollywood musicals have nothing on this.

my vote's for dried salmon. it is scandinavian, isn't it?