Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tracy Rocks

Has anyone checked out the new Tracy Ullman show on Showtime?

She is freakin' hysterical!


dive said...

Wow! Tracey Ullman's still alive?
She disappeared over to America decades ago and we've not heard of her since.
It's nice to know she's still going.
I love the Bollywood spoof!

Poetikat said...

That Rene Zellweger was perfect! It's funny, if you look at her in the scenes with Tom Cruise "You had me at ..." (the name of the movie escapes me) she actually looks normal, but suddenly at the Oscars she appears with the squint and pouty lips. She hasn't looked the same since. Why would she want to look like that? How can she see out of those piggy little eyes?


Maria said...

I laughed SO hard at the pharmacist skit. I love Tracey and we don't get Showtime. I am trying to talk Bing into adding it for her and The L Word, but she is kind of a penny pincher.

And the weird thing, my physical therapist for my arthritis thing is JUST like this, well, the accent anyway. She doesn't break into dancing, but that might be kind of entertaining...