Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Greetings from across the pond

Have had a busy schedule the past few days and no time to get on line, but I promise an update and pictures soon.

I was in Whitney (Oxforshire) on Sat and Sunday staying with a friend. The weather was warm and sunny and we had a wonderful time.

Got to the conference center on sunday in Egham - it started to rain so I never got to see Windsor castle...bummer.

Now I'm in east London somewhere is a really stinky hotel room that I hope not to spend too much time in.

Off to dinner...will write more soon when I can!



dive said...

Enjoy our rainy, stinky capital, Shazza.
Sorry about the sucky weather; the first week in May is usually glorious but this year spring has been messing us about.

The Village Carpenter said...

I hope you're having a good time despite the stinky room and rain. Can't wait to see the photos!

mcCutcheon said...

say hello to england for me, please.
it's kinda weird that for you it is that much farther from home to england than for me, yet you're there while I'm stuck in stupid austria.

have a good time over there!

Poetikat said...

Lucky you! I love England - anywhere in the UK, really. I have loads of cousins all over the place and I honeymooned in Northern Ireland. Too bad about the stinky hotel room, and the weather, and not seeing the castle. How about the countryside? Are you getting to see any of that - Oh, or the seaside...Cornwall is gorgeous...if you get the chance.