Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I just read in the news that 8 teenagers in Lakeland, FL were arrested for beating another teen.


The victim arrives at the home of a "friend" and then was struck several times on the head and then had her head slammed into a wall before losing consciousness. She was then driven somewhere else and warned that if she went to the police and told them what would happen, she would be beaten again.

The reason for the beating: she supposedly trash talked one of them.

They lured her to the house so they could tape it an post it on YouTube.

What kind of world do we live in where people lure a friend to their home, beat her unconscious and tape it???

There is a great book called: Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons about female bullying and how particularly nasty it can get. Most of the bullying done by girls is emotional, but it can turn physical as well. It's amazing how young it starts.


the only daughter said...

If this is the same scene I saw this morning on "Today" then disturbing is indeed the word for it.

Bullying isn't anything new, but taping it for *the world* to see adds a level of creepiness that is just...yeah, disturbing.

The Village Carpenter said...

That's a really upsetting video. I'll bet those bad kids' parents try to blame the victim for what happened.

Wyldth1ng said...

Well at least the dumb ones tape so they can get caught.

dive said...

Scary and disturbing.

Sharkb said...

And humans don't have to be licensed to reproduce, why?