Thursday, March 06, 2008

Walkin' in Sunshine - oh yeah!

I took a cue from Middle Girl's blog and went for a walk today at lunch time!

It is a gorgeous day here in the City of Brotherly Love and I really needed to get away from my desk and just move!

This time of year there aren't too many tourists around so you can walk around and enjoy the uncrowded narrow sidewalks.

The section of Philly that I work in is called "Old City ". It's in the historical area of the city where Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are. There are lots of hip restaurants and clubs to go to and a bit of shopping as well.

I bypassed Old City today and decided to walk down 3rd Street towards South Street, cause that's where all the Hippies Meet!!!

Since it was such a nice day...all the kids from St. Peter's were out playing in the parking lot/playground. One kid kept yelling: "I found a purple one, I found a purple one!" I was kind of curious as to what exactly he found, but didn't want to look like a pedo and just kept on walking!

I continued down 3rd and actually passed South Street and went down to Bainbridge...because...well...I never have been there before and thought...why not?

There isn't much going on down there, so I headed back up to South and then walked towards Penns Landing so I could walk along the Delaware River and enjoy the water.

A cute little lesbian dog walker was walking a little Westie and I just HAD to stop and pet the dog (since I have two of them at home) and make some small talk. I don't really know if she was a lesbian or not, but I am of the mind that everyone is gay unless they prove it to me otherwise! (I read a really cool blog today called East End Boys and West End Girls that had a very interesting post about diversity, check it out when you can!)

Penns Landing was bright and sunny and warm! Really warm! I took off my coat because I was starting to sweat! The crew inside the Workshop on the Water for the Seaport Museum had the doors open and you could hear saws a buzzing with activity. Looks like they were building a boat of some kind...I tried to peak in a little, but there were a bunch of guys hanging out and I felt kind of shy and odd all of a sudden. (Hey - VC, they are looking for volunteers!!!)

There were a good amount of people out walking and basking in the sun...I guess we all had the same was just too pretty to be inside.

From Penns Landing I hopped back onto Chestnut street and then stopped at Double Shots Espresso Cafe for a yummy latte and then reluctantly headed back to the office.

It was great to get out...just to stretch the legs and look at something else besides my computer screen for a while!

Dive - I know I promised you pictures of the area I live in...and they are coming...a snafu at the photo place set me back because they didn't give me a CD when I developed my film so I will have to scan them in, but I hope this was a nice diversion for the moment!

Here's a little map of my walk!

Peace all!


Maria said...

I am so hungry for spring weather. It is still cold and frosty here on the prairie, so no happy walks yet, just hurried walks with the dog, holding my coat as close as I can.

I have a friend in Pennsylvania. She lives in Pottstown. I went to visit her a few years ago and we had a great time as she played tour guide in Philadelphia.

The Village Carpenter said...

You had a nice little jaunt today! We really need to get to Philly; it's been a long time, and there are so many cool things to do there.

dive said...

That sounds gorgeous, Shazza.
Sorry about the photo glitch, but I got on to Google Maps and used their "Street View" mode to look around the neighbourhood.

Shazza said...

Dive - you know I never used the street view before and I just checked it out...that is really cool!

It was almost like you were there walking with me!

It was interesting to see the lines of people standing in front of the Customs Building which is on 2nd and Chestnut St. When they changed the laws so that you now need a passport to get into Canada and Mexico...the lines would be wrapped around the building from 7:30 AM until 7:00 PM at night. it was maddness.

I'm sure the restaurants and bars and coffee places didn't mind though!

Shazza said...

I am sending warmth and sunshine your way Maria!

VC - you and the Presby gal should come on down sometime. We'll meet you there and go to the Mutter Museum!

the only daughter said...

Sounds like a fascinating walk. Before our business moved to its current location we were in "the loop" or downtown area and nearer Lake Michigan. I liked those mid-day walks better. But the current ones have some fine points as well.

Will be even better when the weather breaks for the better.