Monday, March 17, 2008

How could you do that to your child?

A while ago, Identity Mixed has a post about bad baby names.

Today iVillage had an article dealing with the same subject.

Apparently throughout history parents have been naming their kids after things like:

Disease: Rubella Graves and Emma Royd
Sins: Lust Garten, Avarice Sullivan, Sloth Washton
Foods: Dinner Ware, Pickle Parker, Mayo Head

Oy! What were these parents thinking?!

They have a list of the Best of the worst or the worst of the worst where you can vote which one is the best?! Worst?

Here is the list of the contenders:

Uranus Stuckey
Ghoul Nipple
Acne Fountain (ohhhhhhh..grrrrrooossss)
Lust T. Castle
Mary A Jerk (there's a bitter woman's revenge)
Ima Whore
Mutton Bucker
Hugh Jass
Fanny Whiffer
Tackle Feigenbutz
Envy Burger
Burn Snoddy
Mule E. McCart
Lard Mooney
Good Hell (I am thinking my friend SharkB will like this one)
Emma Royd
Nobel Butt
Naught E. Bishop (hmmmmm...I wonder who his Daddy is?)
Stud Duck (No relation to Disco)

I'm really torn between Acne Fountain and Mutton Bucker. Poor Ima though...she must have had a very rough life.

Make sure to cast your vote now!


LG said...

I love Good Hell, since that is a favorite expression of mine.

finn said...

I read that article about bad names in the NY times a couple of days ago and I was starting to like the Austrian law forbidding certain names...I always thought that it made the whole thing boring, after reading all that...not so boring anymore...

The Village Carpenter said...

My BS meter is going off the radar screen. I've never heard of anyone having the last name "whore".

I do like Pickle Parker, though!

Wyldth1ng said...

I was always thought richard lester would be bad enough.

dive said...

Oh, hee hee, Shazza.
The administrator at one of our schools is called Dick Goodenough (of which he is rightly proud).
I'm just waiting for Kevin Bacon to name a daughter Megan.

Sharkb said...

Good Hell, what are these people thinking? And they don't need licenses to reproduce why?

Lulubelle B said...

Interesting. A recent NY Times article reported that kids with wierd names are not traumatized and get along much as anyone else.

Or go to and search for "boy named sue".