Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bare with me...'s been a baaaaaaaaad week so far.

It started off promising. I got up early on monday morning, determined to put some time on the treadmill...and I did.

Felt good! Invigorated! Energized...ready to go!

Unfortunately...everything else around me wasn't as energized.

Went to the computer to check my e-mail before taking a shower. No internet. damn.

Looked at the modem. There weren't any blinking lights. There were just two lights lit and they just stared at me. Little red devil eyes.


There isn't much I can do about this at the moment, may as well shower and eat breakfast and tackle it once I've had some nourishment.

Came back down stairs to check...those two red dots were still there. Still no internet and since we use our cable company for our telephone phone.

Shit, shit, shit.

I work from on mondays and it's a bit hard to work without the internet and without a phone. I have my cell phone and my blackberry, but I hate talking to clients on those.

We use a major cable company that starts with a "C" and ends with "omcast". Talking with these people is right up there on my list of favorite things to do next to: root canals and going to a shopping mall during the Holidays.

I fucking hate it!

9 times out of 10, you will get someone who is trained on the most basic capabilities on trying to restore your access. They follow a script: If customer complains of "A" recommend this: blah, blah, blah, blah.

Blah, blah always starts off with: unplug your modem and wait 30 seconds. Check the connection between computer and modem. yadda, yadda, yadda.

When that doesn't work...they attempt to re-set it remotely. The person I spoke to, tried to re-set our modem about 6 times. She wanted me to restart my computer to see if that works.


Can someone please tell me how re-starting my computer is going to make my wireless modem work? they aren't connected. My computer doesn't give any power to the modem. How? What the fa?



After about 30 minutes on the phone with my lovely cable representative, she determined that she needed to send a technician out to see if there was a problem because she couldn't fix it from there. Someone would be there between 1-3.


I am so busy at work...I can't afford the down time, so I called M and asked her if she could take the afternoon off to wait for the cable guy. yes...she could! (Love you!) So I quickly got dressed and drove to Philly for the day.

Monday turned out to be a fairly productive day once I got in the office and settled in, so it wasn't too bad all in all.

The weather on Tuesday threatened: snow/ice/rain. After watching The Weather Channel, checking with 3 or 4 different forecasts and coming to the conclusion that the nasty stuff wasn't going to start until later in the afternoon - I headed into the office. I could have stayed home, but my thought process on this one was: "if I work in Philly Mon, Tues and Wed...then I can work from home on Thursday and Friday!"

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have some visitors from our UK office this week and I was invited into a meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss some issues we've been having. Ok...not in the plans for the day, but I really wanted to hear what was said, so I accepted. It was definitely a good choice on my part, but it did put me behind a bit in my work. I got a free lunch out of I'm not complaining!

Checking the forecasts one really predicted it to be too bad in the afternoon. They all said it will be a bit messy for the drive home and take your time, but no winter storm warnings. Just an advisory.

Advisory = no big deal.

Well...around 3:00 pm...I could here the "ting, ting, ting" of ice as it pelted my window. Ugh.


Snow - messy...but still OK.

Ice - scary shit to drive in people.

I checked the weather again. "Winter Storm Warning"


I read something about "significant icing before changing all to rain then heavy rain throughout the night with gusty winds".

Looking out the window...I couldn't see any thing really sticking to the ground, but it's kind of hard to see ice on the ground when you are 8 stories up!

What I should have done right at that moment was pack up my shtuff and go home.

That is what I SHOULD have done.

What I did was finish the work I was doing and didn't leave the office until 5:15 PM.

Not one of my smarter decisions.

The abridged version - it took me 4 white knuckled hours to get home.

Sidenote: People who drive big gas guzzling small dick, big truck SUV's, you are not impervious to ice on the roads. 4WD does not mean you can drive like a fucking maniac and jeapordize everyone else around you! Almost every spin out I saw on the road last night involved an SUV. Alllllllso - if you have snow on the roof of your car, truck or SUV...clean it the fuck off! When that shit breaks up and goes flying in the hits the cars behind you temporarily blinding them because a big chunk of snow has just covered their entire windshield. the case of hits the car behind you with a loud BANG and scares the shit out of the unsuspecting driver.

I got home...tired...tense...a bit cranky. M was a sweetie and had cooked some rice and beans for me. (Love you). I opted for some leftover quesadillas instead, watched the last 30 minutes of the biggest loser and went to bed.

M told me to: "stay home tomorrow, work from home."

"Great idea...I will."

Did I do that?



I don't know?! Brain fart, hormonal imbalance, temporary insanity, I really don't know.

My eyes sprung open at 5:30 am as they usually do and I decided to come into the office. (I still want to work from home on Thursday and Friday. It's almost like extending my weekend in a way)

It only took me 2 hours to get to work today. It's raining and foggy and people are still nervous from last night. I know I was.

I'm cranky, I'm tired...I'm wired up on Provigil and caffiend to keep me awake and concious for a few hours.

Whatever works right?

My one saving grace for today is that I have an appointment at 7:30 to get my hair cut and colored. It will be nice to have a little pampering...someone rubbing my head. I'll probably fall asleep in the chair...but I don't care.

(For some reason my spell check is not working on the blog anymore, so if there are errors...tough



The Village Carpenter said...

Dude, seriously, don't hold back. Let it'll feel better.

Shazza said...

LOL - thanks VC, I'll give that a try sometime!