Saturday, January 12, 2008

The proof is in the poop!

So this guy in North Carolina, who is under the legal drinking age, goes out...gets trashed and the drives his camaro on the wrong side of the street finally crashing into someones yard. He leaves his car behind not realizing that the owner of the yard that he just crashed into had 4 dogs!!!

Someone calls the cops...they come out to investigate and find a fresh foot print in a nice big heaping pile of dog shit!

The fecal footed fiend was found as a passenger in a van that police flagged down - the evidence was alllll over his shoes!

You just gotta love a good dumb ass.


Wyldth1ng said...

Those are the type of people who should not be allowed to breed.

Shazza said...

LMAO! I agree 100% Wyld!

Identity Mixed said...


The Village Carpenter said...

I bet that van smelled of eau-de-poo when they pulled it over.

Presbyfruit said...

I do so love good dumbasses who smell of dog shit.

hee hee

Sharkb said...

Renders an entirely different perspective on 'shit happens.'