Monday, January 07, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're back!

The weather sucked - but the wedding wonderful!

I have to hand it to my new sister in-law. She remained relatively calm throughout the wind and rain and power outages that were happening all around her. The rain stopped for a few hours during the wedding and the sun peaked out a few times for them.

They both looked very happy and completely in love which was so sweet!

Poor M got sick while we were there. It may have something to do with walking around in the rain on Friday and Saturday. We went to San Fran on Sunday - the only day it didn't rain, and the poor thing stayed in the car the whole time because she was feeling so weak.

We hope to make it back to California to see the sun sometime!


The Village Carpenter said...

Too bad about the weather. Gosh, it was 75 and sunny back east the entire weekend! J

Hope M feels better soon.

Shazza said...

Thanks - just rub it in why don't ya?