Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Creepy day started pretty good yesterday, but it ended on kind of an bad note.

M sent me an e-mail - she was let go from her job. This was a new job too. Obviously she was upset and a bit confused about the whole thing, but I don't think the company has it's act together to be honest - so it was a blessing in disguise.

As I was walking to my parking garage to get my car, I was stopped by two police officers. They asked me where I was going, I told them I was going to get my car and they informed me that the lobby area was closed and I will need to use the stairs on the other side of the building.

Ok...I was not in a particularly good mood - M's was was raining and I forgot my umbrella...and so I was bit damp. Walking around the building was just not what I wanted to hear or do at that time.

When I turned the corner I saw the reason why the lobby was closed - there was a dead body blocking the entrance.

Geez - don't I feel like a schmuck now?

Here I am complaining and some poor guy dropped dead on the pavement.

Poor bastard. RIP whoever you are.

So...I made my way up to my car and flipped on my iPod and this song came on.

It seemed kind of fitting for the moment.

I played it twice.


The Village Carpenter said...

You and M had a heck of a day yesterday (sorry to hear about her job), but I guess the dead guy had a worse heck of a day. Not to mention his poor family.

I asked an elderly friend last night how he was doing and he said "Well, I haven't read my name in the obituary yet, so I'm doing great!"

Shazza said...

Thanks VC - yeah, it was a bit of a bummer for M. She'll be Ok.

I think that must be the credo for "elderly friends" and family for that matter!

Presbyfruit said...

Sorry about M's job.

By the way, what was the song that came on? the video on youtube was yanked.

Shazza said...

Thanks PB.

The song was Try a Little Tenderness by the Three Dog Night.

the only daughter said...

Sorry to hear about M's job.

It hardly ever fails, when I'm feeling pretty low, crabby etc... I hear about someone, somewhere whose fortunes have sunk waaaay lower.