Monday, December 17, 2007

What gets you going?

I'm usually pretty enthusiastic about the Holidays! As soon as I hear the Christmas music on the radio I sing right along, I like the ritual of putting up the tree and the decorations and creating a different atmosphere in my home and making it more festive. I used to bake cookies from scratch and send out Holiday cards on the day after Thanksgiving!

Last year was a tough one for me. My Mom had passed away in August of 2006 and then in September, I tore my ACL and was not as ambulatory as I wanted to be. I was a bit depressed and wasn't sure if I would have the energy or the enthusiasm to even want to try. I did manage to get the house semi-decorated and once it was done, I sat back an enjoyed it. It transforms the house, breaks up the routine and for about 2 weeks during the year, it creates a different mood.

I guess what is hard for me, is no one in my home shares my enthusiasm. M never had a tree when she was living on her own and doesn't understand why I need to do this every year. After 11 years, you would think she would have gotten the point by now, but noooooooooooooooo! My son lives in Chicago, so he can't help and my daughter splits her time between working and going to school, so she isn't really around too much to lend a hand.

One year I got so pissed off that no one helped me decorate the house that I bought a cheap 2 foot tree, stuck some lights and a few red balls on it and stuck it on a table. My way of saying - Here's your fucking Christmas tree everyone!

The only one that suffered, was me. No one else really cared if we had a tree or not!!!

I was deflated and after that year I told myself that if decorating the house makes you happy, then you're going to have to do it all on your own.

And so I do!

I climb up the ladder into thte attic and pull down all of the boxes of decorations. I stick some Christmas music on and crank up the volume, put on my little Santa hat and get in the "Holiday Decorating Zone!" Then when I'm all done, I turn off all of the house lights, plug in the tree and change the music so it's a little softer and then just sit there and look at it!

I love it!

Does anyone one else have anything that gets them into the holiday spirit?


LG said...

I struggled with this for a while because I didn't really see the point of doing all the decorating and everything since I'm single - who would see it? Well, me. I realized there's no need to deprive myself just because I'm alone!

I love Christmas music ... that totally gets me in the Christmas spirit!

The Village Carpenter said...

Enjoy your decorations...sounds great! Presby did all the decorating this year. I forget what I was doing at the time, but I'm sure it was VERY important.

Wyldth1ng said...

Sorry. Another Blue Christmas.

finn said...

when I was a child we had the same f*** christmas routine every year. I don't wanna hijack your comments so I won't go into details, just so much - even as a child I realised that it wasn't all festive and pretty and nice. and by the end of the evening my dad would be so unnerved that he practically threw out my grandparents. For me Christmas was never linked with something positive to look forward to, so why bother with decorations and the like when you know that it's gonna be one more horrible family thing coming up.
by now things have changed severely and I did put up christmas decorations this year - not all of it yet, though.

mcCutcheon said...

this year finn surprised me by putting up the lights while I was at work. I absolutely love christmas. probably because I get my birthday and christmas back to back - so maybe I just _have_ to be twice as enthusiastic about it.

usually christmas music and baking works, but this year nothing has succeeded at getting me in christmas-mood. damnit.

Maria said...

Bing grew up in a very poor family and Christmas was just another day, except that they received a food basket from the church.

She is such a scrooge. Every single year, Liv and I put up the decorations and Bing lifts nary a finger. I do ALL the shopping for Liv, do the christmas card thing, all the baking. Bing makes a mad rush to the store on the 24th for my gift and it is not particularly romantic and usually something that I don't really want. I learned long ago to just let her be who she is and not make a big deal out of it. I think she associates Christmas with a lot of pain, so I keep it low key.

the only daughter said...

I am usually all over the decorations and such and do it cheerfully w/o any help. (Course I've got a small condo & don't do much beyond the living room) This year I'm having a harder time of it. I have the tree & lights up--but it's not decorated and nothing else is out. Maybe because I know I'm leaving shortly after, maybe because my son won't be "home" until that day, maybe... I feel it, just having a hard time expressing it.

Shazza said...

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me. It's interesting to me to hear what should be such a "happy festive" time of year can sometimes bring everything but that. Many people seem to feel so stressed.