Monday, December 10, 2007

Need some happy talk

I was reading the headlines this morning and felt really depressed and stressed. The top stories were:

  • Colorado Shootings May be Linked
  • Bomb Hits Bus Carrying Kids in Pakistan
  • Ice Storm Kills Six in Mid-West
  • Mortar Shells hit Iraq prison - Killing 7
  • 31 Dead After Migrant Sinks Boat off Turkey

I need something to make me feel a bit happier. To lighten the load a bit you know?

If you ever saw the musical South Pacific - you'll know this song!!!


The Village Carpenter said...

It's no wonder everyone's on "Happy Pills".

LG said...

I love that movie! I had the cassette of that soundtrack when I was growing up. I'm sure my Mormon mother just loved the fact that I skipped around the house singing "Bloody Mary," "There is Nothing Like a Dame," and "Honey Bun" (those happened to be my three favorites).

Shazza said...

How about: I'm gonna Wash that Man right out of my hair??