Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mass Orgasm

Mass orgasm promotes world peace
Sara Southerland

Two California-based peace activists have conjured up an anti-war demonstration that could be rather enjoyable for participants.They want everyone to have an orgasm on the same day, for the purpose of world peace. Donna Sheehan, 76, and her partner Paul Reffell, 55, hope that people around the world will participate in the synchronized global orgasm on the first day of winter, Dec. 22. The couple said a partner isn't necessary to participate in the mass orgasm - just concentrate any thoughts on peace during and after the orgasm.The idea might seem a bit uncanny, but this isn't their first rodeo in the way of planning global protests.In 2002, Sheehan along with nearly 50 other females stripped naked and spelled out "Peace" with their bodies in a Marin County, Calif., field.Pictures of their nude activism spread, and Sheehan's "Baring Witness" demonstration spread around the world inspiring groups from all seven continents to protest the Iraq war by forming their bodies into peace signs or words such as "unity" and "love."As two more U.S. fleets close in on the Persian Gulf, the couple's aim is to reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout the world.Sheehan and Reffell based their idea after hearing about the Global Consciousness Project out of Princeton University. The project runs a network of Random Event Generators around the world that record changes in randomness during global events.With measurable results during mass meditations and prayers, the couple thought about another way they could positively affect the world and make something show up on the project's computers: a mass orgasm."It's one of the largest energy poles that humans are capable of," Reffell said. "It's combining the physical energy with spiritual and mental energy and trying to get the entire world involved."

Shucks - I missed it.


Presbyfruit said...

I'd be interested in some kind of empirical study on the effects of mass orgasm.

Shazza said...

Hey - this is one study you can conduct at home on your own. Invite all your blogging friends to join in!

Not at YOUR home, mind you...uh...I mean in their own home and well...uh.

Just shut up Shaz...just shut up now.