Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lesbians Down the Street

A few months ago, a nice little lesbian couple bought a house down the street from us.

At least we think it's a nice little lesbian couple. There were two women maybe in their late 40's and a younger girl...maybe 19 - 20 and 2 pugs.

We are: two women in our mid-40's, younger girl who is 20 and two westies!

I think we need to meet them somehow. Maybe walk the dogs passed their house and see if they come out? do you meet the lesbians down the street?


mcCutcheon said...

LOL. I wish I knew an answer to that question :D Good luck with it!

The Village Carpenter said...

Put a bow on a box of dog biscuits, knock on their door and say it's a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift from your dogs to theirs.

Wyldth1ng said...

The VC probably has the smart idea, I am just thinking it would be the same as meeting anyone, right?

Shazza said...

Good idea Carpenter gal - I'll try to work up the nerve to do that.