Thursday, December 20, 2007

kd lang?

I saw this on McCutcheon's blog who saw it on Lolatini's blog and I just had to do it!

What famous lesbian do you most closely resemble?
Your Result: K D Lang

You're earthy, crunchy, a little dykey and people like you. You're artistic and talented and you are a diehard vegetarian. No meat will ever touch those precious lips of yours!

Rosie O'Donnell
Melissa Ethridge
Tammy Lynn Michaels
Ellen Degeneres
Portia Di Rossi
Katherine Moennig
Jackie Warner
What famous lesbian do you most closely resemble?
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I don't agree with the vegetarian part - I like my meat!!!

I found the definition of crunchy!

No....that's not me at all.

Who is Jackie Warner btw? I have no idea who she is!


The Village Carpenter said...

Define "crunchy".

Shazza said...

Hmmm...I always thought it was into natural foods, wholesome kind of thing.

I found this definition somewhere on PlanetOut:

The reality is, lesbian fashion usually is discussed in stereotypes.

There's the butch: husky jeans, T-shirt, blunt haircut and blue-collar work jacket.

There's the lipstick lesbian: long, styled hair, makeup and a combination of pretty dresses and power suits.

The sporty dyke: athletic wear, from sneakers to track jackets.

And there's the granola lesbian: hemp fabrics dyed with organic earth tones, necklaces made with symbolic stones, Birkenstocks (often with socks) and lots of fragrant patchouli oil.

Ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo...that's not me at all.

I'm more of a sporty butch if you combine these definitions!

Maria said...

I was Portia Di Rossi. Loved her on Arrested Development. At some point in my description I was described as "drop dead gorgeous"...this made me snort.

LG said...

Jackie Warner is the trainer from Work Out on the BRAVO channel.

I think they just threw some famous lesbians on a page, personally ...