Friday, December 21, 2007


Crusin' around the internet this morning, I found an acronym dictionary!

There is even an acronym for ACRONYMS: Absurdly Contrived Representations Of Names Yielding Mass Stupefication

These are just a few favorites I've found so far...the list is pretty long:

AHOYA - Asshole of the Year Award
ASTRO - Always Stating the Really Obvious - I know a few people that do this and it drives me nuts!
BDU - Brain Dead User
BEER - Behavior, Effect, Expectations, Results! (especially after you've had too many)
BWS - Beached Whale Syndrome - that's me in the summer!
CRAFT - Can't remember a flippin' thing!
CTD - circling the drain, this is a medical term meaning close to death?!?!?
DRT - Dead right there. Another medical acronym!
FART - Fecal Air Rectally Transmitted! HA!!! Daft and amusing retrospectively devised acronym, so it's technically a 'backronym'. The word fart in fact is derived from Old High German 'ferzan' (pronounced fertsan) from older Germanic roots 'fertan', both of which are clearly onomatopoeic (sounds like what it is), as is the modern-day word, unchanged in English since the 1200s. Words and language might change over time, but the sound of a fart is one of life's more enduring features.
FINE - Fanatical, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Alternative ironic acronym response to the universal question, 'How are you?.....'
LADIES - Life after divorce is eventually saner
LOMBARD - Lots of money but a real dickhead
OSINTOT - Oh Shit, I never thought of that
SITCOM - single income, two children, oppressive mortgage
SNERT - Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
VEST - Very Egotistical Stupid Twit
WAFI- Wind Assisted Flaming Idiot


The Village Carpenter said...

I can't wait to use "Lombard".

Wyldth1ng said...

I can't believe you don't have:

those are the best everyday words, plus they have been around awhile.

Shazza said...

Carpenter gal - let me know when you do OK?

Wyld - you'll have to define those for me please!

Being in the military I'm sure you are in acronym hell!

The Village Carpenter said...

SWAG: Sheesh, What A Gesticulation

FUBAR: Friends, Uranus' Brilliance Always Radiates

SNAFU (duh, I think we all know what this one is): Some Numbskull Absconded Fran's Ukulele

Presbyfruit said...

Hee hee

you said "uranus"

Wyldth1ng said...

Situation Normal All Fucked Up
Fucked-Up Beyond All Recognition
Scientific Wild Ass Guess